Turn crazy into funny

Turn crazy into funny

Meme has a connection with social language, right?


Digital media finally replaced traditional industry-HMV closing down

I still remember when I had my first mp3. It was a gift. I didn’t like it. I didn’t like any digital stuff. I didn’t like the batteries that you can recharge without taking them out. I didn’t like downloading free music. I didn’t think it’s convenient. I already had a Walkman and I could memorise all the song lists on over 30 tapes. I believed it has a better music quality. I was really moody when I first found out there weren’t any tapes selling in the store near my home. I was also really moody today when I first know HMV is closing down. 

It’s becoming more and more easier to get music&movies from internet, especially with itunes, and it’s cheaper. It also saves lots of storage space. If the whole CD industry close down, it saves producing energy and materials as well. So it’s reasonable for what’s happening to HMV. 

Grade-11-girl spotted by online GPS and got murdered

There’s a “Twitter” in Chinese version called “Weibo” and it allows people to locate themselves at certain restaurants, pubs, hotels…almost everywhere, then publish that location with photos and commons.

I think in the very beginning it was aimed to share interesting places and introduce them to friends. But unfortunately, since it doesn’t need to be approved to follow someone, this also gave a chance to bad people. I saw this message while doing research about social media and I feel really sorry. It’s believed she was tracked by stranger via Weibo, and her body was found in an abandoned shop after missing 2 days.

Social Media People

Social Media People

I saw this picture in my laptop file by chance, which is from long time ago, and I can’t remember the original source.
It reminds me of the “social media people”, especially young people/teenagers nowadays–staying at home, sitting on the bed with a computer in front. She’s physically being safe and not going anywhere, but actually almost naked since people can easily know most of her information online. When there’s a gossip, people go madly like animals even monsters, they can hardly think but just copy&paste or forward&share, whatever it is or however it hurts others. People depend on others and fooled by others easily.

In the article Learning, Media and Technology, the writer talks about how learning in the classrooms should be multimodal and not just page bound. I think we are still not very comfortable with the transition from analog to digital. At school nearly every classroom have interactive white boards but were not often used for anything other than slide shows. Image and sound were once inferior to written text, but now in a world were we rely on digital media sound and image has proven just as important. Written text is static and restricted to fit the page, where as digital can be fluid, interactive and can evolve. Cultural knowledge is not easily shared with written text which separates it from reality. Multimodal learning extends grammar beyond written language, certain things that are expressed in speech in one culture or situation, can be expressed in gesture in another. With multimodal learning in school and out of school literacy can be bridged, making the in school more practical and relevant.


Learning, Media and Technology–Tshilin

What’s your relationships to social media?

We’ve talked about three basic relationships between one another, and they are “Dominance”, “Communality” and “Reciprocity”.

For me, specifically, I feel quite insecure about social media.

In China, there’s a searching engine like google but specially designed for spying on others–mostly the ones you hate, or your current boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, for example.

It works in two ways:

1. It searches all your updates(photos, blogs, comments,”likes”, re-posts, etc.) with your ID although it’s an anonymous BBS, in most occasions people got to peek your real life and find out your real identity including where you live and where you work, even the information of your family members;

2. With your email address(most people registry many different websites with a same email), it finds out all your accounts and all your information, and if you did something they don’t like, no matter you meant to do so or not, people leave bad comments on all your different profiles and when it gets to Facebook of course your personal life would be badly effected.

For example, what happened just now is I got to know a boy in Boston, USA cheated on his girlfriend days ago, I don’t know either of them in real life, but I still got to know this through my friend’s re-posts, and I don’t think my friend knows them since she’s in Canada. That’s the way “social network” works.

In this case, I feel kind of scared to use social media, so I keep my accounts strictly separate from one another(never post portrait on anonymous websites, never update same things on two different websites…) so no one can find out who I am, at least not that easy. When more and more of these going on, I’ve changed from relay on social media to keep privacy. I don’t ever use my real name online, not even Facebook, which am required to.

Also, I’ve got kind of OCD(obsessive-compulsive disorder), I have to read all the updates from the people I’ve followed or I’ll feel really uncomfortable and can’t focus on anything else. It wastes lots of time, and this is another reason for me to stay away from social media.